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Brazil is among the 10 largest car producers in the world

With 2,9 million vehicles produced in 2018, Brazil ranks 9th among the world's largest car producers.

Source: Estadão

Expected to increase production and car sales in 2019

According to Anfavea - National Association of Manufacturers of Automotive Vehicles - Brazil should grow 10% in vehicle sales and 9% in production.

Source: Folha de São Paulo

Route 2030 - Assembler Incentive Program

Rota 2030 is a program that will define the rules and incentives for automobile manufacturers in Brazil by 2030. One of the main benefits of the program to industry is the tax incentive of up to R$ 1.5 billion per year.

Source: Auto Esporte  

Growth in the sale of agricultural machinery and trucks

In 2018, Brazil registered a 23.8% increase in the production of agricultural machinery and a 12.7% increase in sales. The agricultural sector also boosted the sale of trucks, which grew 47.6%. According to Anfavea, the expectation for 2019 is also growing.

Source: Globo G1

São Paulo will give up to 25% discount on ICMS

Through the Pro-Vehicle program, the State Government of São Paulo will give up to 25% of fiscal incentive for manufacturers of machinery, equipment and motor vehicles. Currently, the state is the 18th largest producer of vehicles in the world and the largest consumer state in Brazil.

Source: Jornal do carro