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Car Makers

OEMs (Tiers)

Auto parts manufacturers

Positions and Departments:

o   Industrial Directors

o   Production Directors

o   Supply Chain Directors

o   Process Engineers

o   Production Managers

o   Line Supervisors

o   Quality and Production Inspectors

o   Developers

o   Machine Operators

o   Supply and Inventory Managers

o   Designers

o   Mechanical Engineers

o   Product Managers

o   Project Managers


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São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

Rodovia dos Imigrantes, Km 1,5
Água Funda | São Paulo - SP - Brasil

São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center came to present the community of national and international events one of the most modern spaces for events in Latin America.

Location and Services


The Sao Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center is located 850m away from Jabaquara station.


The taxi service will be available over the duration of the fair. Leaving Jabaquara Metro Station, it’s possible to get a taxi to São Paulo Expo.


Parking: Sao Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center has a car park with capacity for more than 4,200 vehicles.

Shuttle Free

There will be a free shuttle service from Jabaquara and Santos Imigrantes Subway stations. The buses will be destined for the event.

Visitor Service

Parking, volume guard, pocket for bikes, know everything the event offers to make your visit even easier